Discover the secret to crushing

After a decade of research, try our magical combination of 13 active ingredients to fuel your productivity.

  • Sustained Energy & Focus

  • No Crash, No Comedown, No Jitters

  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety

Our shot is making a splash

  • “Focus is power and now
    it comes in a bottle.”

  • “Productivity will go up, meaning
    the to-do list will go down, and
    anxiety will melt away.”

  • “A revolutionary

Chills Me Out

“When taken without caffeine, I am super
relaxed and chill, but still able to work and
focus. When I take it with caffeine, I am highly
motivated and focused while working.”

– Gennaro P.

Real Results Delivered

“Focus and energy were noticeable in
my work. I stopped getting that mid day
slump, and I would even start waking up
before my alarm most days.”

– Alyssa M.

Initially Skeptical

“I got a full month and have found it tremendously
effective. It helps me sit down and focus on my
work instead of procrastinating on Reddit. A little
baffled by the efficacy honestly.”

– Anon

Part of My Daily Ritual

“Pairs well with my morning meditation. It’s uplifted
my immune system and keeps me focused through
the day. I’m making a huge ROI just from the extra
productivity I’m getting in my business.”

– Christian E.

1 Find your flow state

Sustained energy and focus. Feeling fully engaged in the task at hand. Distractions seeming to melt away. At Magic Mind, we call that "flow state". And we formulated our shot to get you there more often. Find your flow state with a little help from Magic Mind, and cruise through your workday.

“My mind usually goes a thousand miles per hour 24/7. With Magic Mind, it's like the switch has been turned off and I feel invincible.”

– Charlie G.

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2 Over-caffeination is holding you back

The science is now clear that procrastination is largely caused by anxiety. And too much caffeine causes a spike in cortisol, your body's main stress hormone. That’s why Magic Mind has less than half the caffeine of a cup of coffee. The nootropics (brain-boosting nutrients) and adaptogens (stress-mitigating compounds) do the heavy lifting to improve your ability to focus deeply.

“I was at a point where my to-do list each day was causing more anxiety than I could handle . . . The last two weeks I've been able to focus, knock out my list by noon on most days, and then get more done each afternoon. And, as an added bonus, I've been sleeping better each night.”

– Jake B.

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3 Tap into creative clarity

Our mission is to build the best beverage brand on the planet for creators. If athletes have Gatorade, we want to give creators ‘Creatorade’. Whether you're creating music, software, or a business, we want to help you do it. We all create the world around us. Imagine what we can build together with a bit more creative clarity each and every day.

“It’s been two weeks of Magic Mind, and this habit has reawakened my ability to concentrate on my work as a freelance writer and film producer . . . I’m the best me that I’ve been in a 
long time.”

– Ted K.

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4 No crash

Back to over-caffeination...the way caffeine 'gives you energy' is actually addition by subtraction. It blocks your body's adenosine receptors, preventing your from feeling the fatigue that builds up in your body as you expend energy — but it only blocks them for a few hours. The secret to Magic Mind? A combination of minimal caffeine from matcha with nootropics and adaptogens to give you long-lasting energy and focus without the crash.

“I can’t believe how much of a difference I felt. My brain was clear and alert, I didn’t crash during the day, even my cravings for sugar were gone.”

– Monica L.

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5 We wrote the book on it

Our story started with a medical condition and a doctor’s directive to ditch coffee. Our founder, James, began researching nootropics, adaptogens, and functional mushrooms to find a morning ritual that worked for him. He co-authored a book on these compounds and then fine-tuned his recipe with the help of our scientific advisory board. A decade of research and over 100 iterations later, we bring you Magic Mind.

“Overall, this elixir really does live up to its name, and they have the science to back it. It makes my mind feel a lot younger.”


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What's in Magic Mind?

Magic Mind contains a magical combination of 13 active ingredients, scientifically designed to improve energy, focus, and mood while decreasing stress — all things that, combined, improve your productivity. 

Read more about the science behind each ingredient at — you can also read about the science and safety of our ingredients in our Amazon bestselling book “Beyond Coffee: A Sustainable Guide to Nootropics, Adaptogens, and Mushrooms”.

Is it safe? Does it work?

Magic Mind uses ingredients and dosages that are safe and effective, utilizing the mood-boosting power of things like Turmeric, the long-lasting energy effects of Matcha green tea, as well as other ingredients that you can read more about here:

You can also read about the science and safety of our ingredients in our Amazon bestselling book, “Beyond Coffee: A Sustainable Guide to Nootropics, Adaptogens, and Mushrooms”.

What should I expect when consuming Magic Mind?

Unlike many energy drinks, Magic Mind’s benefits don’t come from excessive amounts of stimulating compounds such as caffeine. Though you'll feel an elevated sense of energy and a sense of calm focus within an hour of consuming Magic Mind, the benefits of some of the ingredients, like Ashwagandha and Cordyceps Mushrooms, can take 5 days to kick in and up to 10 days to reach full effect.

When cycling off of Magic Mind (see our recommendation below), or if you decide to stop consuming it altogether, you won't experience any kind of withdrawal.

Do I take it alongside coffee or tea?

Yes. Take alongside or in place of your morning caffeine. :) ‍

Magic Mind has minimal amounts of caffeine and is meant to be consumed as a supplement alongside your current morning routine. If you drink 2-3 cups of coffee during the day, Magic Mind will satisfyingly replace 1-2 of those cups by extending the caffeine of your current morning routine. It can also replace your current morning routine entirely if you're trying to reduce your caffeine intake.

Can I take it on an empty stomach?

Many people drink Magic Mind on an empty stomach without problem, but Matcha green tea on an empty stomach can be an issue for some. We recommend a light meal within 30 minutes before or after drinking Magic Mind if you discover that it's an issue for you.

Do I need to cycle off?

Although you won't build a tolerance to any of the ingredients in Magic Mind apart from the caffeine, we recommend occasionally cycling off to allow your body to maintain a baseline of activity and to give your nervous system a chance to reset.

For those taking Magic Mind daily, we recommend cycling off for one week every three months. If you already cycle off on the weekends, then taking a week off every three months isn't necessary.

Can this interact with medications? Who shouldn't take Magic Mind?

Yes, Turmeric Curcumin and Ashwagandha can interact with some medications like SSRIs and blood-thinning medication, so please consult your physician if you are currently on medications. High doses of Turmeric and Ashwagandha are also not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing.

How much caffeine is in Magic Mind?

Magic Mind contains 55 mg of naturally occurring caffeine (from the Matcha green tea), less than 1/2 the caffeine in a typical cup of coffee.

What kind of Matcha does Magic Mind use?

We use premium ceremonial-grade Matcha from Japan in each bottle of Magic Mind, sourced from our friends at Encha Matcha. ‍

This is the highest-quality category of Japanese Matcha, and we're proud of the lengths that our tea farmers go through to produce it.

How does Magic Mind source its ingredients? Do you test for harmful compounds?

As part of The Magic Mind Promise, we only source our ingredients from the world’s best suppliers and require rigorous testing of every ingredient sent to us. We readily provide the certificates of analysis for our ingredients to anyone who submits a request to

We also test every batch of our formula for heavy metals, toxins, harmful bacteria, and other food contaminants in a third-party lab to comply with the most stringent industry standards.

Is Magic Mind gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, paleo-friendly, vegan-friendly, and keto-friendly?

Magic Mind is gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free. Magic Mind is also paleo-friendly and vegan-friendly. Each bottle of Magic Mind contains 3 grams of sugar from Agave, which is something for keto customers to take into account.

How do I modify or cancel my subscription?

You can access our customer-facing dashboard for this by clicking "login" at the top of this page. Or, feel free to send an email to and we'll take care of it within 24 hours.

Does Magic Mind ship internationally?

Yes! We ship almost everywhere in the world, and international customers can make both one-time purchases and subscription purchases directly through our website.

Please note that international customers will continue to receive version 3.0 of Magic Mind through the spring of 2023.

What does Magic Mind do to support the environment?

We offset all supply chain emissions through our carbon-capture partnership with We also offer carbon offsets to our customers with Corso, so all together we're a carbon-negative company!

Is refrigeration required?

No, refrigeration isn’t required until after opening. But we often hear that our shots taste better when chilled, so feel free to store them in the refrigerator if you have space!

Based on 905 reviews
Magic Mind
Madeleine P.
Tastes good and refreshing.

I am hoping for accumulative affects. it does help me keep motivated. That is a big help.

Magic Mind
Floy K.

Definitely noticed a clarity after 5-6 days that stayed with me most of the workday.

Magic Mind
Jeff R.
Great stuff!!

Love this stuff...extra energy AND a clarity and peace of mind that I cannot explain. Whatever it is, I love it!!

Magic Mind
Cameron C.
Powerful new routine

Loving Magic Mind!! This replaced my need for caffeine in the morning. I feel clear and much less anxiety and better than I have in a long time. I admit this is not the only thing that has changed in my diet and daily routine but this plays the center role to getting things going for me daily. I look forward to taking this daily as each day I am feeling better and better. Day 10 and loving it so far.

Clarity in a bottle

Magic Mind is a game changer. I was hooked on the first try.

Magic Mind
cathy f.
Nice little pick -me-up

When I take one of these I am very energetic, but not jumpy, and focused.

Magic Mind
Delia P.
Fantastic Product

I am totally impressed by Magic Mind. I was a j no it skeptical at first but I must say my biggest notice is the amount of sustained energy I have throughout the day. The afternoon lull is no longer there and I am way more productive with my day! Excellent product!!!!

Magic Mind
Nadja K.
Great taste and easy shot.

Ok so everyone’s experience is different. And mine hasn’t been an overnight transformation, but I really like the taste in the ease of this little shot. I’m continuing on with the 15 day challenge. I’ll check back in later.

Magic Mind
Ryan C.
Enjoying Magic Mind

I've heard very good things about the health benefits of Matcha. I've been taking a Magic Mind daily with my coffee and am very much enjoying it. It has a good taste and does not cause jitters. Quantifying and measuring cognitive improvement is challenging, but I can at least say it isn't detracting, and probably is additive to my focus. Anyway, 10/10, enjoy it.

Magic Mind
Tammy S.
I definitely feel a difference

I read other reviews and have to agree. I feel more alert with definitely more energy. I am officially hooked. I had to quit drinking coffee it was hurting my stomach. So I went to tea. I still drink a cup of tea, but magic mind is the reason I get going everyday.

Magic Mind
Tracie L.

I love the drink!!

Magic Mind
Bronson W.
Love it!

I truly enjoy the product. It helps me get in the zone and work effectively for an extended period of time.

Magic Mind
Andrew G.
Outstanding product

I have used it for about 4 weeks and feel better in every way

Magic Mind
Trey C.

Don't just drink it a couple days in a row. It takes a few days to feel the clarity! This drink is a must try!

Magic Mind
Blake C.

Felt more energy off the bat

Magic Mind
Ahmad K.
Cleanest energy you will ever have

I absolutely love this product I first ordered a 15 pack and switched it to 30, I had some family members try it and they absolutely loved it too and will be subscribing

Magic Mind
Tania S.
Amazing results

I cannot overstate how much this product has helped me. I cannot see a day where I wouldn’t take this. I watched this product for over a year and when I finally took the leap I regret not trying them sooner.

I’ll buy this product again and again!
Thank you very much!
I loved it!

Magic Mind
Steve C.
Love this product!

Magic Mind provides a focused, clear energy that doesn’t involve jitters. 5 stars all day !

Magic Mind
Rachel S.
such a good feeling!

I love how Magic mind makes me feel!! the taste is acquired but ended up tasting really good by the end of my subscription. It’s not in my budget right now, but I hope to make it part of my daily routine soon :)

Magic Mind
Cathryn G.
Definitely Feeling the Flow

I’ve tried a multitude of fixes to keep my mind agile and on task. Nothing else has worked as well as magic mind. I’m in love!

Magic Mind
Dimitri S.
New formula works better!

I tried the previous formula that was decent but tasted bad IMHO. The new one is MUCH BETTER and I really feel more focused everyday!

Magic Mind
Wesley R.

So good

Magic Mind
Jennifer C.
Love it

My husband and I started using magic mind a couple weeks ago, and we both love it. We both have more energy throughout the day and lasting through the evening, without the crash of an energy drink. I highly recommend this product to anyone that needs that kick to get moving. We will definitely be ordering more!

Magic Mind
Cristiano S.

Magic Mind