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I live this stuff! I mean i can literally feel it doing its thang within 20 minutes of taking it!! Love it!!!

I dig this stuff!

Really have enjoyed starting my day with a Magic Mind. Love how I'm not overflowing with too much caffeine, but feel balanced over a longer period. Particularly have enjoyed adding them to a morning smoothie!

Great energy boost

Helped me focus and not have to deal with the fuzziness of caffeine. I deal with nine digit purchase order numbers and magic mind gives me the energy to do my work without making the errors that caffeine was causing.

Great stuff

Have really enjoyed magic mind!

Loved it - Helped Keep my Focus

I bought the product to see if it would help with my mornings and be more focused on work. I work 10-12 hours days and find that I just have hard starts in the morning (Yes, working on the sleep) - but this product was great and did just what I needed. It's allowed me to avoid energy drinks and my coffee consumption has actually gone down. Plan on ordering again soon. Love the package and size - easy to drink and store in refrigerator.

Small Package, Consistent Taste and Performance

Magic Mind is a small bottle that is easy to store or bring on the go. The taste and the performance gains are consistent, and very good.

Magic Mind

I can't imagine life without Magic Mind now

I use Magic Mind daily. About to increase my pack from 15 to 30.
When I don't use it, the different is quite noticeable.
What they don't tell you is that Magic Mind is a great mood booster, too!

It's named appropriately.
Honestly, if it wasn't overkill, I'd drink a whole glass of it daily.

Great Product!

It's been a great product so far! Fast delivery & great customer service as well!

Magic Mind is a delicious way to start the day

I love mixing Magic Mind into my coffee, it adds some sweetness and earthy depth to the flavor, and I feel like I'm doing something good for my body.


Perfect way to start my days

Magic Mind works wonders for me!

I was skeptical in the beginning. But I’ve been taking this for 3 weeks now and I can definitely tell a difference in my ability to get work done, my endurance and my creativity are coming back. Magic Mind is helping me come out of what I can only describe as a Covid Funk! Thank you so much!!

Haven’t Tried It Yet

I just received it yesterday. I’ll try it today.

Love Magic Mind!

Coffee and other energy type drinks have never worked for me. I drink coffee just because I like the taste. So, going in I was skeptical to say the least. I tried Magic Mind for a solid week daily, and by the end of the week I could really tell a difference. I now take daily. Great product.

Magic Mind Subscription

Product great but need to cancel the autoship

Please cancel autoship and confirm

I havent received my order yet


Love this!

Magic Mind is magic

I absolutely love this shot with my morning coffee. It boosts my mood, energy and improves my focus. I'm currently struggling with a severe mold allergy, so this is a godsend. I almost feel normal!

Gross, but Worth It.

Tastes like caca, but it works.

I love Magic Mind!

Magic Mind is amazing. It helps me stay focused and be more productive, but even more than that makes me feel good that I am only putting natural ingredients into my body. Magic Mind is what I've always needed!

Love it!

Look forward to having my magic mind everyday. Brings me joy and i love the taste.

Great for mental sharpness

Magic Mind helps me stay focused in school. I’ve really been enjoying its effects.

Magic Mind

Mom and Creative necessity

This is just an amazing product! In every way! So thrilled I found this memory and energy is improved..and I'm good for 12 hours without ever thinking about coffee!!