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Magic Mind
Dina B.
Tastes great

Love the taste. Started taking it a few weeks ago. So far I’m loving the results. I feel a slight energy yet calm.

Magic Mind
John W.
3x Consistent Performance

Magic Mind has helped me to stay at a performance level throughout the entire day. I am a believer in what this product is made of, and now have my whole office trying it! Excited to see how fast we can grow as a business with us all taking Magic Mind!

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Magic Mind
Clif B.
Initial review

I love the product but it seems to have given me gas. My doctor said cramps should dissipate/disappear w/i a week as my system adjusts.

Magic Mind
Kimberly C.
A lovely morning perk

I was fully prepared for these to taste like a mouthful of turf grass, which I was prepared to accept if they helped my brain get in the game in the morning. To my delight, they're pretty dang tasty, especially mixed with a little oat milk. The effects are subtle but noticeable and I really like the boost in energy and focus.

Magic Mind
Nanette b.

Still a newbie. So far so good.

Magic Mind
Alexander B.
Great, can feel the difference!

It works! And it’s magic. I take it every morning

Magic Mind
Awesome sauce

I was skeptical about another supplement but have to say I'm sold and subscribed to this wonderful product. It tastes very good, clears my head but no weird effects like some other things I've tried. I notice more clarity, calmer attitude and just generalized well being. It took a few days to really notice something was a good way. Try this supplement that has ingredients you need for your health and you will be 100% satisfied.

Magic Mind
Monica J.
Tis Magic but ...

I've been using Magic Mind now for 2 weeks - about half way thru my first subscription. First day was a WOW. My brain fog, constant anxiety, low grade but ever present headache were gone. Poof! 2nd day, nothing seemed special but kept taking it thru that weekend. I gave some away to friends to try so skipped a couple of days. Came back to it and again, wow. I think the difference is I feel like myself again - not superhuman, just myself. I take it in the morning before I start work and after my coffee. I mix it in with my selzer water over ice. For those who are amazed at the thickness of the matcha, google it. It's thick and slimy and that's why there are special whisks to keep the liquid suspended. I like the taste the way I drink it. Can't imagine downing it without mixing it with something! Only one thing I would change and that's the **huge** amount of plastic waste this generates. I am hopeful they understand that this packaging, tho lovely, is crazy in terms of the current resource/energy/climate crisis. A bag or glass jar with a scoop would be better. How about it Magic Mind? Can you give us a timeline for when this packaging will change? If it doesn't, I probably won't subscribe long term.


Due to some gut health issues, I am very picky about what I offer my body in the way of support and nutrition. I started using my Magic Mind and thought it would take a couple of weeks to see any change. By the second day, I was noticing a new sense of energy and focus.

As a magazine owner and editor, I am approached by a lot of product people. Nothing like Magic Mind. I will be a long-time user!

Magic Mind
Jason R.
Initial review

Was not a high or wired feeling, but definitely can tell the difference. Very calm and stabilizing effect, also have noticed more focus and clarity. No come-down, feels incredibly natural.

Magic Mind
Aline D.
I asked for a refund

Nobody never got back to me! They sent me another shipment and I want my money back, please! This did not work for me at all.

Aline - your subscription has been canceled! If you ever have any other questions, please reach out to us at - we always respond to emails sent there :)

Magic Mind
Rebecca A.
It’s Amazing!

Have been using Magic Mind for two weeks. I feel the difference in my attitude. Just more positive and things seem easier. I love it!

Magic Mind
Patricia A.
Magic Mind not ok

I tried it 5 days in a row. Firstly, I took it with food or drink and always it upset my tummy. The first 2 days I was so tired in the afternoon that I took a nap. (I never need to do that!) The other afternoon days I was so jittery and I think it was partly from hunger? It made me need more food I guess?
I've taken a break from it for a week. I will use it again for the next 5 days and see if I need to eat at different times or what. It just upset my stomach so much that I'm hoping different types of food will help.

Hi Patricia! We've definitely heard some similar feedback in the past - especially from folks with sensitive stomachs - so we truly do appreciate you leaving this review and detailing your experience. For our customers who discover that this is an issue for them, we generally recommend a light meal 30 minutes before drinking Magic Mind. And if you're feeling sleepy, we'd recommend adding Magic Mind to your normal caffeine routine for the first 5 days before decreasing from there. Thanks again for taking the time to review Magic Mind!

Magic Mind
Daniel E.
Calm, but disengaged

Took it for a week. Noticed the effects on the first day. Sounds like this product can affect different people in different ways. My experience below.

- Calmed me down
- Less heart rate pounding

- Felt disengaged and mellow, not focused
- Removed sense of positive energy and replaced with dullness.

Overall, it did help calm me, but at the expense of feeling overall suppressed and lacking enthusiasm. For me, I would need a product that both is calming but can keep me engaged and motivated. Unfortunately this didn’t quite do it. Cool idea though.

Thanks for your feedback, Daniel.

Did you go cold turkey off your regular coffee/tea when you started taking Magic Mind? If so, we'd recommend taking Magic Mind alongside your regular morning caffeine for the first week and then weaning off from there if that's your goal. Otherwise we just don't pack enough caffeine to give your body what it's used to right away.

Magic Mind
Vladislav V.
Great product

It works perfect

Magic Mind
Darin A.
Seems to work will give it another round

The taste is not bad but takes a bit to get use to it. I do seem more focused on the days I take it.

Magic Mind
Really wanted to see amazing results

I can't say that I saw a difference using magic mind. Maybe it's me, I didn't see much from Adderall either.

Magic Mind
Enjoying it

My husband and I are both taking one every morning, He takes his with his coffee, and I take mine with my water and morning vitamins. We have both noticed a difference. A bit more energy and a bit less stress. Thank you.

Magic Mind
Amy W.T.
Game Changer

What Magic Mind gives me is sustained energy and an ability to handle my busy and very active work day with more ease than without Magic Mind. I find I am able to move through with less of that "stressed" feeling.

Magic Mind
Denise K.
feeling more energized


Magic Mind
Melody W.
Not fond of the taste but..

The results are worth it. I believe my mind is clearer. Overall calmer.

Magic Mind
Liz L.
Super good!

It felt like a good match for my body and brain and the effects seem to improve over time. I’m excited to use it as more time goes by.

Magic Mind
Silas N.

Magic Mind

Magic happens!

I changed my lifestyle with Magic Minds! Now I sleep better, eat better and of course I am more productive! I’m a to-do list killer now! Thank you Magic Mind!