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Magic Mind Subscription
Kristofer Isaacs
Glad i tried it again..

Results have progressively gotten better!!

Magic Mind
James Griffin
It works!!! Good stuff!!!

There is a noticeable difference in my morning when I drink this shot. I was skeptical but this really does help create flow for me. Thank you for the help!

So glad to hear that, James! This kind of review makes our day!


I look forward to every morning getting my shot of yummy green goodness. I feel much more motivated organized and I accomplished my to do list no problems now highly recommend it’s a game changer will stay on it for life!

Awesome! Here's to crushing many more to-do lists together!

BEYOND 'Magic'

I can't say enough about the effect Magic Mind has had on me since I started using it a few weeks ago. Not only do I literally feel it kind of 'kick in,' it seems to spark this really cool balance that I can only describe as a 'calm focus.' I have tried a heck of a lot of natural supplements - not just any, but well-researched and the 'bigger names' in the industry, from what I've learned in this quest I've been on - and this is the only one that seems to not only truly work but has duration. Thank you, Magic Mind - I think I may be a "Magic Minder" for life :)

Magic Mind
Kurt Dettmer
It’s true

As a laugh I purchased the product

I’ll be darn if it works as advertised. Waiting for the next delivery.

The science has spoken! Glad it's working well for you, Kurt. The effects should only improve with use over time and with our formulation upgrades that we're always searching for.

I like it so far.

I'm new to Magic Mind and sometimes I forget to take it in the morning, but I like it so far. :) Thanks.

Magic Mind
Jacqui Knapp
Seeing is believing

I have been I search of the right combo and Magic Mind feels like it fell from Heaven. My clarity, focus adding in the clam factor is very new to me yet this combo works perfectly and I'm Jacque 2.0. Not only do I notice, everyone notices. I don't have the fight or flight. Just re-ordered!

Magic Mind Subscription
Sharon Britton
Magic Mushroom Mind

First 15 days went great. I started remembering my dreams again, and getting things done and organized. Looking forward to seeing continual daily effects...

Magic Mind Subscription
Blaklee Ramsey

First off, WOW! This company is amazing. The product itself is wonderful. I’m a super busy person and this helps me stay focused and helps me avoid procrastinating. I was super skeptical but it genuinely works.

Second, the customer support is PHENOMENAL. The 15 day challenge they send is nothing short of amazing. So many amazing things to say!

Magic Mind
Dan Sterrett
Sort of life changing

This stuff is amazing. I started taking it about 3 weeks ago. It really helps me feel alert and clear headed. It gives me energy that lasts all day. It has reduced my anxiety, too. My wife is also taking it and really likes how it makes her feel, too. In addition to making us more productive and giving us energy, it has also elevated our moods, so we just feel better overall. I’ve tried various nootropics in the past and have noticed positive (yet subtle) effects from some of them, but Magic Mind is much, much better. I originally ordered 15 bottles to try it out, and loved it, so now I am a subscriber. I recommend if anyone is on the fence about whether they should get it, just try it out. If it has the same effect on you as it did me, then you will definitely make it a permanent part of your morning ritual.

Magic Mind
Ethan Cohen
Fantastic Product

Just got through my first 15. Could be a little bit stronger but I'm going in for round 2 to test it further. Better than MindLab Pro in my opinion

Magic Mind
Richard Eubanks
Good stuff!!!! It works

I really felt a difference!!!
In the real, it doesn’t taste good but doesn’t taste bad either

Magic Mind Subscription
Dan Eisenhauer
Feeling Much Better!

Love Magic Mind! I am feeling so much better following the plan! Highly recommend!

Magic Mind
Neal Rubin

Love the taste.

Magic Mind
Brad Wiggins
Love it!

Love it. Look forward to it every morning

Magic Mind
sang nam

I like it

Magic Mind Subscription
Christy Trujillo
Loved it!

Need to order more!

Is good

Works well

Magic Mind Subscription
Michele Lafferty

Magic Mind Subscription


It’s been phenomenal. Don’t like the taste but it’s worth it.

Magic Mind Subscription
Christine newton
All kinds awesome!

I have tried many products, but this is the best!

Magic Mind
Amy LeBlanc

Magic Mind

Magic Mind
Aaron Richey
Feeling more creative and relaxed

I’ve started writing songs since I started Magic Mind. Pretty sure there is a connection.

Magic Mind Subscription

Better than my ADD meds ever were

For someone who is easily distracted, Magic Mind is calming, and at the same time focusing. I used to take ADD meds, but didn’t like how they made me crash in the afternoon. Magic Mind has been a welcome alternative to caffeine, and it is lovely to feel focused, not jittery. It comes on gently and leaves the same way. My only negative experience is regarding my migraines. I can’t drink a whole one in a morning or it might be the catalyst for a migraine in the afternoon. I’ve had chronic daily migraines for about 20 years and I have to watch my triggers carefully (lack of sleep, alcohol, eating poorly, caffeine). If I end up with two or more from the list, any little thing can trigger a migraine, so it’s no fault with Magic Mind that I got a headache, it’s that I didn’t watch my “trigger bucket” closely enough. When it overflows…headache. I shared one with a colleague, and she’s ordering hers next week!