Be your best self for 14 days and see how much more you can accomplish!

Your commitment also helps save the Amazon Rainforest ↓

  • 7+ Hours of Creative Flow-State

  • No Jitters

  • No Crash


  • “Focus is power and now
    it comes in a bottle.”

  • “Productivity will go up, meaning
    the to-do list will go down, and
    anxiety will melt away.”

  • “A revolutionary

Chills Me Out

“When taken without caffeine, I am super
relaxed and chill, but still able to work and
focus. When I take it with caffeine, I am highly
motivated and focused while working.”

– Gennaro P.

Real Results Delivered

“Focus and energy were noticeable in
my work. I stopped getting that mid day
slump, and I would even start waking up
before my alarm most days.”

– Alyssa M.

Initially Skeptical

“I got a full month and have found it tremendously
effective. It helps me sit down and focus on my
work instead of procrastinating on Reddit. A little
baffled by the efficacy honestly.”

– Anon

Part of My Daily Ritual

“Pairs well with my morning meditation. It’s uplifted
my immune system and keeps me focused through
the day. I’m making a huge ROI just from the extra
productivity I’m getting in my business.”

– Christian E.

Did you know

  • Recent studies have shown that procrastination is related more to high stress levels than to just "being lazy."
  • Coffee spikes your cortisol levels, actually making you more stressed.
  • Combine or replace coffee with L-theanine and Adaptogens to create super coffee.
  • Over-caffeination is the culprit of a lot of anxiety issues.
  • It takes you approximately 26 minutes to get back into flow state after you get distracted.
  • Nootropics help you stay focused and ignore distractions. Bacopa Monnieri reduces impulsivity (no more doom scrolling).


How it works

1 Why the Amazon Rainforest?

Our collective productivity reflects in how well we take care of the world around us in the same way that our individual productivity reflects how well we take care of our minds and bodies.

The Amazon Rainforest, which produces more than 20% of the world’s total oxygen, is in trouble. And so is our health. Greed, excess caffeine, and a ‘hustle and grind’ culture are slowly eating away at our mental and physical health, which translates into our outside actions as well. It’s time we made a change in our own habits that will reflect in the world around us.

So help yourself be more productive and we’ll match your effort by helping the Amazon Rainforest!

“My mind usually goes a thousand miles per hour 24/7. With magic mind, it's like the switch has been turned off and I feel invincible.”

– Charlie G.


2 How exactly do you help?

We help with the reforestation efforts in one of the Brazilian sectors of the Amazon Rainforest called Fazendo Sao Nicolao by converting all the views from the #14daysofmagic hashtag into cash sent to the project through our partner, Pachama.

For every 10,000 views our hashtag gets on social media, we donate $10. Our goal is to make as big of an impact as possible and speed up the project's efforts by reaching $30k in donations.

“It has helped me to stay focused throughout the day. I was at a point where my to-do list each day was causing more anxiety than I could handle, and I basically felt crippled by it. The last two weeks I've been able to focus, knock out my list by noon on most days, and then get more done each afternoon. And, as an added bonus, I've been sleeping better each night.”

– Jake B.

Try out Magic Mind

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15 Pack of magic mind
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  • Every bottle purchased contributes to reforesting the Amazon Rainforest

Join with your new morning ritual

15 Bottles


$3.95 ea.

15 Pack of magic mind
  • 14 days of Magic, +1
  • Pure focus. No crashes. No procrastinating
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Delivered FREE monthly, pause or cancel anytime
  • Every bottle purchased contributes to reforesting the Amazon Rainforest

Made in USA

60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Double down on the good

30 Bottles


$3.25 ea.

30 Pack of magic mind
  • Double the Magic
  • 1 shot per day for 30 days
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Delivered FREE monthly, pause or cancel anytime
  • Every bottle purchased contributes to reforesting the Amazon Rainforest

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What is in Magic Mind?

Magic Mind contains a magical combination of 12 active ingredients, scientifically designed to improve energy, improve focus, decrease stress, and improve mood — all things that combined, improve your productivity.

Read more about the science behind each ingredient at — You can also read about the science and safety of our ingredients in our Amazon bestselling book “Beyond Coffee: A Sustainable Guide to Nootropics, Adaptogens, and Mushrooms”

Is it safe? Does it work?

Magic Mind uses ingredients and dosages that are safe and effective, utilizing the mood-boosting power of things like turmeric, long-lasting energy effects of matcha green tea, and other ingredients that you can read more about here:

You can also read about the science and safety of our ingredients in our Amazon bestselling book “Beyond Coffee: A Sustainable Guide to Nootropics, Adaptogens, and Mushrooms”

How should I consume Magic Mind?

Unlike many energy drinks, Magic Mind’s benefits don’t come from excessive amounts of stimulating compounds like caffeine. ‍ Though most people feel an energy boost within an hour of consuming Magic Mind, the full benefits of all the ingredients, like Ashwagandha or Lion’s Mane mushrooms, can take 7-10 days to take full effect. ‍

That is why we recommend taking the Magic Mind 14-day challenge — to add it to your morning routine for two weeks straight to see if you feel a boost in your productivity and focus.

Do I take it alongside coffee or tea?

Yes. Take alongside or in place of your morning caffeine. :) ‍

Magic Mind has minimal amounts of caffeine and is meant to be consumed as a supplement alongside your current morning routine. If you drink two-three cups of coffee during the day, Magic Mind will satisfyingly replace one to two of those cups by extending the caffeine of your current morning routine. It can also replace it entirely if you're trying to reduce your caffeine intake.

Can I take it on an empty stomach?

Many people drink Magic Mind on an empty stomach without problem, but green tea on an empty stomach can be an issue for some. We recommend a light meal within 30 minutes before or after drinking if you discover it is an issue for you.

Can this interact with medicines? Who shouldn't take Magic Mind?

Yes, turmeric curcumin and ashwagandha can interact with some medications like SSRIs and blood-thinning medication, so please consult your physician if you are on medications currently. Turmeric is also not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing.

Do I need to cycle off?

As with all nootropics, we recommend cycling off of Magic Mind occasionally to make sure that your body doesn’t develop a tolerance and reduce the efficacy of the shot over time.

For those taking Magic Mind daily, we recommend taking one week off every 2-3 months to give your system a chance to get back to a baseline of activity. If you already take weekends off, then a full week off is not necessary.

What kind of matcha does Magic Mind use?

We use premium organic Japanese, ceremonial-grade matcha in each bottle of Magic Mind. ‍

This is the highest quality category of Japanese matcha, and we are proud of the lengths that our tea farmers go through to produce such a high quality matcha.

How much caffeine is in Magic Mind?

Magic Mind contains 30-35mgs of naturally occurring caffeine (from the matcha green tea). This is about the equivalent of ~1/4 cup of coffee.

Is Magic Mind gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, paleo-friendly, vegan-friendly, and keto-friendly?

Magic Mind is gluten-free, and nut-free. Magic Mind is also paleo-friendly. We do use a 1200mg of honey per serving, which makes it a consideration for vegan and keto customers to take into account.

How do I modify or cancel my subscription?

We're working on building a customer-facing dashboard for this. In the meantime, just send an email to and we'll take care of it within 24 hours.

Does Magic Mind ship internationally?

We ship to Canada and Mexico for non-subscription orders on our website. We are now available in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania via!

What does Magic Mind do to support the environment?

We offset all supply chain emissions through our partnership with our carbon capture partner, We also offer carbon offsets to our customers with Neutrl, so all together, we are a carbon negative company!

Is refrigeration required?

No, refrigeration is not required until after opening. However, we often hear that people enjoy our shots most chilled, so feel free to store in the refrigerator if you have space!

Based on 809 reviews
Magic Mind
Great product!

Tastes great as a shot and mixed with milk. I love the added ingredients like adaptogens to balance out the caffeine. Fun different way to enjoy your daily matcha!

Magic Mind
Soren P.
New formula’s the truth

Been a fan of MM since I tried it a few months ago, genuinely feel it adds a layer to my focus without the agitation of excess caffeine, and when I started out my biggest gripe might have been flavor. BUT - in my most recent shipment I noticed they’ve reformulated and the taste is greatly improved, which means I can lay down a five star review of this product without reservation.

Magic Mind
Jeremie L.
Lasting energy

Happy to have an energy shot that doesn’t taste bad and gives me lasting energy through the day without the jitters.

Magic Mind
Matthew P.
Tastes Good; and Really Works!

I would absolutely recommend magic mind....I felt more alert and focused than ever. I mixed in my green smoothies in the morning, but also like it straight up!


Worked well with my coffee. If any feedback, would be to improve the taste. Lol

Magic Mind
James G.
Changed my life

Sorry no time for a long review, I'm too busy kicking ass in life. Thanks to Magic Mind I'm now a full time Savage!

Magic Mind
Paul C.
There Might Be Something Special There

My “trial” of Magic Mind has come at a good time. I’m a surgical rep and we’ve been working 12-14hr days non-stop. I’m not sure I could have done it without this little elixir.

Magic Mind
Great product!

I love the product! Tastes good and is a good morning routine. Helps throughout the day!

Magic Mind
Maddie I.

This Magic Mind 4.0 is phenomenal! The taste is so much better and it has been a must have every morning. I am a month in and I have seen a significant different with mental clarity on a DAILY basis! You heard that right. It has positively impacted me EVERYDAY.

Magic Mind
Gabriel A.
Game Changer

Magic Mind has me going full speed with no crash, and no need for coffee. I use to rely on coffee to survive. Now I rely on Magic Mind to thrive.

Magic Mind
Ellie K.

I am so happy Magic Mind has come into my life. From the second you open the box, the experience is a beautiful and magical one. It helps to fuel my productivity for the day and tastes SO good as a tea - definitely my favorite way to drink it. It doesn’t spike my anxiety and I love being able to read all about the high quality ingredients that make the magic happen on the packaging. BIG FAN

Magic Mind
Allison R.

I really enjoy the taste and what this does for my mind and body. Thank you magic mind!

Magic Mind
Hilary S.
Love it!

I have so much more focus throughout the day. It makes me want to be working and being productive vs just coasting through the day. I notice the caffeine I do take in lasts much longer too, so I’ve cut way back on my caffeine consumption.

Magic Mind
David O.C.
Amazing Product

I absolutely love this as I have got used to the taste and it's like my taste buds crave it in the morning now. It helps give energy and sustains it, no need for coffee anymore! Wonderful

Magic Mind
karen w.
Mushroom Powah!

Yes, I love them they give me clarity and energy without irritability or jitters!

Great product

Best alternative to coffee out there

Magic Mind
Lorraine M.
I Feel The Results!!

I'm so happy I found Magic Mind. I put in 12 hour days or more working from home, and I feel the difference during the day and in the quality of sleep I am getting at night! Thank you Magic Mind!

Magic Mind
Sarah G.
Delicious and energizing!

Super great way to spice up your latte with a boost of matcha energy! Absolutely love these in the morning!!

Magic Mind
Juliet R.
I like it

Dosent give me jitters… makes me feel good :)
Can’t wait to see how I feel after a month.

Magic Mind
Amy M.
Yummy & Helpful

Felt great replacing my second cup of morning coffee with Magic Mind for two weeks! I feel like my body is thanking me for the good stuff!

Magic Mind
April G.

Magic Mind

Magic Mind
Freya G.
It has helped me regain my energy

I feel so much back to my old self now that I have the energy to get up and do things all day again!

Magic Mind
Matthew N.
Loving it after 2 weeks!

Magic Mind has given me a renewed sense of energy each morning. I've noticed less impulse for caffeine and a better mood all around. Excited to keep going and see how this progresses!

Magic Mind
Keonie H.
Magic Mind Is Great!

I received my Magic Mind shipment several weeks ago and have been drinking a shot everyday. I must say this is one of the best productivity drinks I have ever tried. I get focus and energy for several hours of the day. It definitely helpls
me get my day off to a great start!

Magic Mind
James L.

It honestly works, I feel laser focused and even less stressed.