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GABA: What Is It And What Are The Benefits?

* Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor. Are you looking to take a new supplement? Have you considered adding GABA to your routine? GABA stands for gamma-aminobutyric acid. It’s a naturally occurring amino acid that works as an inhibitory neurotransmitter in your brain. So, if GABA occurs naturally in the body, why do people take GABA supplements? Can GABA supplements help improve your health? Read on to learn about GABA and its top benefits.  Related: 12 Proven Tips on How to Improve Focus  What is GABA?  As we mentioned, GABA is a neurotransmitter. Neurotransmitters are the body’s...

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Having Bad Memory? Here Are A Few Supplements That Can Help

* Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor. Do you suffer from poor memory? Do you feel like you constantly forget things?  One in nine adults over the age of 45 suffers from memory issues. Many of us think that poor memory is just a part of getting older. However, while our memories may weaken as we age, we can take supplements to improve our memory levels.  Which supplements should you take to improve your memory? Read on to learn about the best memory-boosting supplements.  Related: Mental Acuity: A Guide to Staying Mentally Sharp  1. Matcha  Matcha is one of the best supplements f...

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Is It Possible To Have Too Much Dopamine?

* Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor. We all know that certain chemicals are good for our bodies, with dopamine being one of them. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that’s associated with feelings of pleasure. It also plays a big role in how we think and interact with others.  While everyone has varying levels of dopamine, there’s no reliable method for measuring dopamine levels in the brain. So how can you tell if you have too much or too little dopamine? Is it even possible to have too much dopamine? Read on to learn all about dopamine.  Related: How to Stop Overthinking: A Simple...

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Does Magnesium Help With Anxiety? Find Out Here

Does Magnesium Help With Anxiety? Find Out Here

* Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor. Do you suffer from an anxiety disorder? Or, do you occasionally feel anxious from time to time? While it can feel like you’re completely alone when you’re anxious, the truth is, millions upon millions of people suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is the most common mental health disorder in the US. Almost 20% of the American population suffers from anxiety.  After being diagnosed with anxiety by your doctor, your next question is probably, “What’s next?” Because anxiety is so common, there are several treatment options available. Many people have tu...

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Music, The Brain, And Why You Should Listen To Music

* Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor. Music rocks, literally. It makes us move and is a part of every civilization in some form. Music can make you shift your body as well as your mood. It's been said that when you want to exercise your body - go to the gym, but when you want to exercise your brain - listen to music. Listening to music isn't just an enjoyable activity; it can stimulate your brain like few others. Exactly how beneficial is music to your brain? We'll tell you and why you should begin rockin' to good music immediately.  Related: How to Increase Dopamine Naturally M...

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Best Nootropics For Anxiety

* Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor. Panic and stress can affect any of us in our personal and business lives. On most occasions, it isn’t a problem. We deal with family issues, financial concerns, and work pressures that cause us anxiety. But these feelings are usually warranted and short-lived. Unfortunately, there are times you may suffer from anxiety for longer periods, and the anxiety isn’t always attached to a circumstance that would justify such a response. This long-term anxiety can cause many adverse effects in the body and mind, including depression, mood swings, and ...

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Differences Between Serotonin And Dopamine

* Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor. If you're like a lot of people, you've probably heard of the terms serotonin and dopamine, but you may not have any idea what they mean or how they differ from one another. If you're looking for some answers regarding their differences and similarities, you've come to the right place. Please keep reading to discover everything that you need to know about these neurotransmitters and their role in your daily life. Neurotransmitters 101: What Are They and How do They Work? Serotonin and dopamine are neurotransmitters, which are chemical messenge...

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Best Nootropics for Memory

* Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor. Today nootropics are an exciting topic for the enhancement of our cognitive processes. These processes include memory, focus, clear thinking, mood, creativity, and motivation. Nootropics have been found to improve thinking, increase energy, and give us an overall advantage in our mental capacity.  What are nootropics? The word, Nootropics, comes from a Greek word meaning ‘mind-turning.’ They are a class of substances, natural and synthetic, that have the ability to boost brainpower. They claim to enhance creativity, focus, and intelligence. ...

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Have You Asked, "Why Can't I Focus?" Here's Why

* Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor. To be able to zero in on what we’re trying to accomplish is essential to getting stuff done. But our environments are full of distractions - within and without. It’s not just our world that is noisy and clamoring for our attention, but it’s also our minds. We often struggle with concentration because of internal chatter and distracting thoughts. So how can we get past this? We have to begin by knowing why we can’t focus.  What is focus? We inherently know what it means to focus. It means to direct all of our attention on a single activity or...

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How To Increase Dopamine Naturally

* Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor. Inadequate dopamine levels are responsible for fatigue, lack of motivation, mood swings, memory loss, and addictive behaviors. It is the neurotransmitter responsible for productivity, focus, and motivation. It makes life more joyful and fulfilling. Let’s look at ways to increase our levels, naturally.  What is dopamine? The 85 billion neurons in our brains communicate with one another through chemicals called neurotransmitters. Dopamine is an essential neurotransmitter because it is associated with so much of our behavior and fulfillment of l...

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L-theanine: What Is It And What Are The Benefits?

* Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor. L-theanine at a Glance L-theanine is a non-essential amino acid, meaning humans do not naturally produce it. It also means it’s not necessary for our survival. However, taking L-theanine may positively affect chemicals in the brain, including serotonin and dopamine. We find L-theanine in certain mushrooms, black tea, and green tea. It is very similar to glutamate, an amino acid our body does produce used to carry nerve impulses to our brain. This chemical may help improve stress levels and mood. This compound is considered safe, though scient...

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Having Brain Fog? Here Are Supplements That Can Help With Brain Fog

* Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor. Are you struggling to stay focused during meetings or continually losing your train of thought? You're dealing with brain fog. It's frustrating and causes you to be ineffective at whatever you're trying to do. But there is hope. Read on to find out what brain fog is, what causes it, and what supplements you can use to get rid of it. What is Brain Fog? Brain fog is characterized by forgetfulness, confusion, and a lack of focus and mental clarity. It is a sign of mental fatigue usually brought on by long-term stress, physical exhaustion, or ov...

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