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Nutraceuticals: What is It? - [An Overview]

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Nutraceutical therapy is gaining popularity due to its myriad benefits.  These nutrients are fairly new on the scene, so we at Groovemind felt we should provide a break down of these benefits.

Nutraceuticals are substances extracted from different foods and in most cases sold as medicinal products with various health benefits.

These substances are often core building blocks in our bodies. Here are some other things that will astound you about nutraceuticals:

We Need NutraceuticalsNutraceuticals

There is a lot of contradicting information on vitamins and supplements on the internet.

However, there seems to be one area where there is consensus: our bodies need nutraceuticals. If you can’t get them from the food you eat, you must get them from other sources or risk breakdown of bodily functions.

A lot of refined foods today are fortified with minerals, vitamins and many other things that add nutritional value. Other foods, for example, lack omega-3 fatty acids, a strong nutraceutical component.

Foods are being fortified because more often than not our bodies need more than what the food can provide. A body without nutraceuticals (building blocks) is susceptible to many conditions and diseases.

Nutraceuticals are DifferentNutraceuticals

Nutraceuticals and supplements have different qualities. Take, for instance, fish oil capsules available at drugstores. They consist not only of fish oil, but other substances like fillers, excipients, and dyes which might be harmful to your health. Because these supplements are not regulated, they may not have undergone thorough scrutiny.

There are three standards of nutraceutical supplements; they are:

  • Food grade
  • Pharmaceutical grade
  • Feed grade

Pharmaceutical-grade supplements are those subjected to strict quality checks and purity tests.  

They are more than 99% pure. They have no binders, excipients, fillers or dyes.

Only a physician can prescribe them.

Most supplements available in the stores are either food or feed grade. They are not all harmful. However, you should beware of what you’re putting into your body.

Taking Nutraceuticals From a PhysicianNutraceuticals

Nutraceuticals can provide the first line of defense against different types of illnesses.

Taking advice from a physician will give you a higher chance of avoiding different side effects of pharmaceuticals.

Doctors are increasingly using in-depth functional blood testing to determine whether patients have any food substance, or other hormonal imbalances before prescribing medications.

It’s not wrong to use drugs when a need arises.  However, a little more investigation into a patient’s symptoms helps a lot.

This is why it is good to be under the care of a competent medical practitioner.

Nutraceuticals Can Prevent DiseasesNutraceuticals

There is evidence that certain chronic illnesses result from nutrient deficiency.

When we take proactive approaches to our health, it is possible to prevent several chronic illnesses. This is achieved by eating well, exercising, and reducing stress.  Above all else, this is based on leading a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to paying attention to your symptoms, it is essential to test your nutraceutical levels before they become out of balance.

Preventing disease is much easier than treating a disease. If you happen to suffer from any illness, try supplementing with nutraceuticals before any intensive treatments that may come with serious side effects.

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