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Ways to Stay Focused at Work

* Verified by a US-based board-certified doctor.

Learn to Focus

For many, constant focus doesn’t come naturally. It is a learned mindset that needs to be practiced and nurtured daily.

With cell phones continually ringing and chatter from our office neighbors, sometimes it's too much to keep your mind focused on the task at hand. 

Some things can't be changed, like how often your colleague wants to show you pictures of their cat. However, actions to take within your daily life will change the way you approach tasks and how your brain focuses and stays productive. 

exercising in the morning

Exercise Early

Exercise helps promote a healthier body and mind. So starting your day with a quick session to get your blood pumping is a great way to help you get on task and stay focused. 

It doesn't matter what kind of exercise you do to start your day, but something that is low stress like swimming or yoga may be more beneficial than a full-body strength workout. Your brain needs that extra boost to get you started. 

Eat Healthily

After your morning workout, you will want to put some nutrients in your body to give yourself the mental strength to start your day! Eating fruits and vegetables is the go-to for healthy eating. But your brain needs more than that to help you focus. 

The human brain is made of around 60% fat. Eating healthy fats will help improve brain function and gain more focus and memory. Introducing nuts, berries, avocados, and many more healthy foods will help you keep focus throughout your day. 

While coffee is also known to help boost productivity, Magic Mind is an alternative that will help you maintain focus throughout the day and increase productivity. Magic Mind contains 12 active ingredients that increase focus, creativity, energy, and motivation!

Does Magic Mind sound like a drink you want to try? Check out Magic Minds website and learn more about how you can start your day entirely focused! 

Get Quality Sleep

The "I'll sleep when I'm dead" mantra has been proven not to be one of the pillars of success. On the contrary, getting quality sleep is paramount to staying attentive and focused throughout the day. 

Getting 8 hours of sleep is recommended; however, getting adequate sleep quality is just as important as the quantity. Turning off your phone, relieving yourself from distractions, and providing yourself the environment to sleep soundly will have a tremendously positive effect on your focus and productivity. 

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cell phone notifications

Get Rid of Distractions

Eliminating distractions is just as crucial throughout your workday as when you are trying to sleep. 

We live in a world of endless notifications that pull us out of deep focus. If you want to stay focused and productive throughout the day, you will need to silence unnecessary notifications

Put your computer and cell phone on do not disturb, or airplane mode, and you'll see a world of difference. However, it's up to you not to open a new Facebook tab on your own.

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Revisit Your Tasks Each Hour

Knowing exactly what your day should look like hour by hour is a great way to keep your mind focused!

Revisiting and writing out your tasks each hour will help you stay on task and on time. It also helps to set a timer, so you know precisely when the hour is up. That way, you can see how fast and well you are completing tasks in the time allowed!

Timers are also beneficial because they instill a sense of urgency that will keep you working on the task at hand! 

Man writing in planner

Set Attainable Daily Goals

Small goals every day are a great way to keep your mind feeling rewarded and focused on the larger plan ahead. Small goals every day allow you to chip away at your larger 5-year plan slowly. 

When you consistently achieve smaller goals, you feel rewarded, triggering your brain to want to keep that feeling going. Essentially it becomes easier to maintain achievements if you are continually achieving even the smallest goals. 

Find Your Inspiration

Inspiration breeds productivity. If you are uninterested in the task you are performing; it is natural to sidetrack yourself and procrastinates. 

Not every task is beaming full of inspiration, but it’s important to find something about it that keeps you going. Maybe you need to complete this task as a step to get yourself to the next level in your career? Harness that energy and make that your inspiration. 

Use that mindset to keep you moving and focused. 

Relieving stress makes good concentration even more attainable. Check out Magic Mind’s products to help relieve stress! 

Establish an Organized Environment

No type of clutter is suitable for focus. Creating a clean and organized environment can help maintain productivity throughout the day. 

Having a cluttered desktop or messy work station can be distracting after a long period of time. Having to search for items or files can easily take you down a rabbit hole and yank you from your productive mindset. 

Toss out everything you don’t need and create a clean space for you to work your magic!

Organized Desk

Create a Specific “Working Time”

Every day we are required to complete a multitude of tasks. Some of them are ones we want to get done, and the others we need to get done. A smart idea for handling the tasks you need to work on is setting up a block of time in your day for you to work on only those tasks.

You can create a 2 or 3-hour window where you won't be disturbed by anyone, and you focus on your projects. You can tell your team members not to distract you, find a quiet space, and focus solely on those tasks. 

Learn and Use Your “Flow”

Everyone operates at a different speed. It is important to know how you “flow” and learn to use it effectively. 

Flow is when you are in your zone, and you are only focusing on hitting your targeted goal. Research has shown that it can be increased by strengthening your concentration. That increase of concentration can come from any of the mentions on this list, but creating excitement around your work is a great place to start!

Plan Ahead to Get Ahead

The best way to concentrate is to know where you are going. Planning your day ahead of time keeps you focused on where you want to be next. You can use a daily planner to measure each part of your day, including breaks, or just plan your big tasks.

Whichever method works better for you to be organized, planning ahead will keep your mind focused and rewarded every time you complete a goal. 

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Rest Your Mind for 15 Minutes

It’s okay to rest your brain. We are not machines, and we are not meant to work like them. Working for hours on end is stressful on the mind, so scheduling a pause for your brain will actually help improve your productivity. 

In this time, its good to stretch your legs, listen to some music, or grab a small bite to eat. To stay focused, you need to let your brain have a few minutes away from the screen

Drinking an energy drink midday can be harmful to your restfulness and overall concentration. Check out this natural energy drink that will keep you focused! 


The ability to stay focused is something a lot of people struggle with. It’s not our fault the world is filled with so many distractions. However, if we learn to turn off those distractions, feed our brains the nutrients it deserves, and organize our thoughts and workspaces, we will be able to focus and reach every goal we set. 

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