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Fri, Oct 11, 19

Huperzine A: What it is? Benefits & Consumption of Huperzine-A

What is Huperzine-A?Huperzine

Huperzine-A is a common ingredient in nootropic supplements which is found naturally existing in a type of club moss: Huperzia serrata

This club moss has medicinal use in China historically, with one of its primary applications being to clear the mind.

The Benefits of Huperzine-ABenefits of Huperzine

There are two main reasons for the use of huperzine-A in nootropic stacks, and they are related to its potential benefits towards improving memory and the signaling of acetylcholine.

Good With the Memory

Good With the Memory

A lot of people who take nootropics are trying to improve their memory and cognitive function, and Huperzine-A has shown some potential in this arena.

In a study done on teenage students, a small dose of Huperzine-A (about 50 mcg) ingested twice daily for four weeks resulted in improvements in several aspects of memory and performance as far as learning is concerned.

Huperzine-A has further received attention for its role in the supporting of memory and cognitive performance as one age.

If memory is an issue you are struggling with then huperzine A may be worth a try.

Aid in the Improvement of Acetylcholine Signaling


Acetylcholine is a known neurotransmitter and neuromodulator (a messenger molecule which nerve cells release so it can signal and regulate other nerve cells). It plays an essential role in the cognitive functions of the brain, especially in the process of memory.

Other than this memory function, acetylcholine also supports alertness and learning. 

Huperzine-A is involved in acetylcholine signaling, which is one of it’s most widely known roles biologically.  In animal and human studies, Huperzine-A has shown its ability to boost acetylcholine levels which influences the activities of the enzyme cholinesterase.

Overall, it increases acetylcholine significantly. Its involvement with acetylcholine signaling explains its importance in the functions of memory and cognition.

Affects Lucid Dreams And NeuroprotectionLucid

It’s possible that Huperzine offers other benefits. It is reputable for increasing REM sleep (the stage of dreaming in sleep) and lucid dreaming. 

Though not adequately studied, this reputational effect on sleep is related to acetylcholine regulation.

This compound also has some neuroprotective qualities that are essential in maintaining a healthy brain.

The Consumption of Huperzine-A

A good number of nootropic stacks include Huperzine-A and it should be fairly available.

As more people are learning about the health benefits of huperzine-A, it is very likely that we’ll see it become more widely used amongst health-conscious people.

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