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How To Be Creative? Tips and Tricks To Improve Imagination

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Some people have this mythical belief that creative people are born with it or have parents that passed talented ability down to them. Let us tell you that it is not true! Becoming creative is like anything else in life. For example, riding a bike is difficult at first, but practice makes it easier. There are numerous ways a person can improve their creativity. 

Allow yourself to embark on this path of self-creative discovery. Do not limit yourself, and do not be afraid to fail and pick yourself back up and try again. Just remember everyone has their moments of frustration and feeling defeated, but this is part of the journey. Push through that frustration and discover your hidden creative talents. You have to open yourself up to try new things.

We will guide and help you get started on your journey by giving you tips and tricks.

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Take a Creative Course

One way to begin this journey is by taking a creative course that helps you gather all of your thoughts, ideas, innovations, and emotions in one place. From there, you can learn how to bring it alive with the help of an instructor. This will help you find different ways of thinking and approaching things that will help you apply your creativity. 

Taking a creative course will place you amongst people with similar ways of thinking and allow you to bounce ideas off of each other. Some people learn to become more creative by learning from their peers, discussing ideas, and sharing thought processes. Being in a classroom-like setting can help you become more comfortable with learning and sharing creative ideas. 

Enrolling in a creative course is a great way to get some organized structure with direction to help you in your journey of creativity. If this is not for you, then that is ok, there are plenty of other ways to unravel your creativity.

a street in the city of Rome

Travel Somewhere New

Creativity is connected to the way your brain gets stimulated. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your mind sharp by experiencing new adventures. 


Traveling somewhere new allows you to try out different things in different places. These experiences will enhance your creativity. Surrounding yourself with new cultures, cuisines, lifestyles, and people in a different country will widen your knowledge. 


By immersing yourself into a new culture, you will allow yourself to learn a new way of thinking, which will expand your creativity. Traveling somewhere new will allow you to engage in a different world full of brand new experiences. 

Listen to Music

Listening to certain types of music can help with your creativity. Ambient music can help by increasing your processing levels and enhance creative thinking

A theory called the Mozart effect states that listening to music will increase your intelligence. Many artistic people listen to music to immerse themselves in a zone of creativity and unleash their talents through either painting, pottery, ceramics, and various other creative forms. 

From classical music to hard rock, any genre you enjoy can help unleash your creative side. The most important thing is to be able to find a way to enhance your creativity.


an image of a pen and a journal


Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is a great way to write free form. Without worrying about organization, let your thoughts flow freely onto the page. Physically writing down your thought processes allows them to come into shape and reveal ideas that can add up to something beautifully creative.

Just take a pen or pencil with a blank sheet of paper, and write out what you are feeling and thinking. Many times we hold on to ideas in our subconscious and let them fester there. Keeping a journal and writing your thoughts out allows them to take shape and transform into a creative idea.

Try a Coworking Space

Trying a coworking space allows you to interact with others, and through this interaction, you can bounce ideas off of each other. This is a great way to get creative. Other people can give you feedback by sharing their opinions, especially if you have hit a roadblock. Getting a different perspective could help you expand or take a different direction if you are trying to finish a project. 

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people can motivate you and challenge you. You never know, this could lead to expanding your creativity in a way you never thought possible, because everyone would have different ideas to contribute. Collaboration can lead to innovation

Learn Something New

Learning something new can be intimidating and scary, but at the same time, it can unveil some new adventure. Creativity is about unleashing something inside of you that has to come to the surface. Whether that’s with journaling, traveling the world, taking a creative course, listening to music, or sharing a coworking space.

Each experience has a unique quality allowing you to unleash what is inside of you. Therefore, the purpose of learning something new is to help and guide you to become more creative. Whichever path you take, do not be afraid. Instead, be excited about where this new adventure will bring you.

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Embrace Your Inner Child

Embracing your inner child is important because children are inquisitive and explorative in their nature. They don’t hold back and are not afraid to try new things. More importantly, they don’t limit their creativity

That is why you need to embrace your inner child. Do not limit your creative abilities. Have fun with your projects, and don’t stress too much about them. Push your creative limits.  

A child sees an adventure and goes for it. They are not afraid of what anybody else thinks of them. This is why it’s also essential for you to embrace your inner child to expand your creativity.

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Closing Thoughts 

Creativity is within you; all you have to do is bring it to the surface using the different tips and tricks we discussed. Don’t be afraid to try new adventures, and let go of any doubts or worries. Expanding your creativity is something everyone can do, and it is unique for every person.


We hope that the tips and tricks are useful guides that help you embark on your adventure. Allow yourself to be immersed in a new country with new people or co-share a workspace and exchange ideas. Whichever path you choose for your journey will only pave a wonderfully creative way for you.

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